January Updates

Some quick January updates:

1. The Winter of Wellness, free online webinar January 20th – March 20th 2015. Sixty days to optimal health for your body, mind, heart and soul. A free online gathering of forty wellness pioneers featuring Bruce Lipton, Joan Borysenko, Larry Dossey, Deborah Rozman, Alberto Villoldo, Gregg Braden and many more.

Break through old patterns of struggle, stress and sickness and step into a life of vitality, joy and love. Learn more and register here:
The Winter of Wellness, free online webinar January 20th – March 20th 2015

2. Harvard Scientists Found Something Surprising About People Who Meditate. Scientists from Harvard University and the University of Sienna recently found that meditation is so powerful it can change the physiology of a person’s brain, resulting in positive changes like a decrease in anxiety and depression.

Read More: Harvard Scientists Found Something Surprising About People Who Meditate
The Research Article: Interaction between Neuroanatomical and Psychological Changes after Mindfulness-Based Training

3. Honor the Indigenous Maya by allowing them to share their world with you. Grandmother Elizabeth and Wandering Wolf, aka Tata Cirilo, Grand Elder of the Maya, invite you to journey through the land of the Maya in Guatemala and Honduras February 26th through March 10th. Along with other elders you will experience the natural beauty, ancient temples and the humble, sweet people of the Maya. There is still time to join this small group of adventures who will enjoy, learn and grow with this amazingly rich culture and wise elders on this sacred adventure.

Click here for Image Gallery and Details for the Sacred Journey to the Land of the Maya February 26th – March 10th 2015

Here’s to a fulfilling, adventuresome, meaningful and abundant 2015. Enjoy!

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