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Nov 21

Common Passion

I’ve been speaking about Common Passion a lot lately within my circles of friends and acquaintances and many people are intrigued.  So, what exactly is Common Passion?

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Nov 12


Whether we realize it or not, we are continually planting seeds.  Whenever we share an idea, a perspective, an opinion, we either consciously or unconsciously influence others by planting these as possibilities.

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Nov 06

I AM the New Vibe!

I AM the New Vibe is another tidbit of Joseph R. Giove's wisdom, written in 2003.  We find ourselves in a time when medical doctors have realized the benefits of meditation and other holistic practices on our overall well-being.

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Oct 30

I AM Awareness

I AM Awareness was written for InfinityAffinity in 2001 by Joseph R. Giove, founder and Executive Director of Common Passion.  Joseph has provided the Common Passion team with some amazing affirmations, I AM statements and some overall inspiration.

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