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Aug 27


Just imagine…. Imagine a world without pain, sorrow, poverty or violence.

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May 01

Wishing You Love Today

Wishing you love today, on Global Love Day!  What an awesome way to recognize the beauty of love; during our meditation this morning, Joseph referred to love as  “the connective tissue of the universe.”  Quantum Mechanics refers to love as…

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Mar 28

Transform and Thrive!

What do the words Transform and Thrive mean to you? Do you feel empowered by these words?  Inspired?  Ready for change?  One of the most wonderful aspects of living now, in this time, is the awareness of infinite possibilities.

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Feb 09

4 Road / Wayeb

We are ending our 90 Global Concordance tele-webcast series on a  "4" Road day.  However, we do not feel that something is ending; rather, that something new is beginning. 

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