Our Mission

We are a global social collaborative of individuals and communities who share compassion as a common passion. We orchestrate global meditations and prayer events with all faith and wisdom traditions.

Science, Spirituality & Peace

Through this convergence, a holistic blending of the East and the West is making the scientific exploration of certain spiritual practices, which are aimed at creating peace, a viable pursuit.


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What We Do

Our mission is to create social and environmental harmony through science-based applications of collective consciousness.

Featured Article: The Yoga of Time Travel and Dr. Quantum’s World

Something New for Spring we have a Featured Article. check out: The Yoga of Time Travel and Dr. Quantum’s World, Fred Alan Wolf on Medical Questions and Quantum Physics.

Featured Video: One Million Meditating Children in Thailand

Every month, we select videos to share that inspire, empower and uplift. Put up your feet, sit back and enjoy this one: One Million Singing and Meditating Children in Thailand for World Peace.

Featured Event: Decoding the Magnetic Grid of Gaia

Sunday, March 20 at 1 AM in UTC+01: Worldwide Meditation Equinox ”Decoding the Magnetic Grid of Gaia”


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