Our mission is to create social and environmental harmony through science-based applications of collective consciousness.

home_banner_wo_wordsWe are a global social collaborative of individuals and communities who share compassion as a common passion. We orchestrate global meditations and prayer events with all faith and wisdom traditions.

We welcome people and organizations from all walks of life to help us realize our common vision.

Common Passion is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is expressed through the following objectives:

  • To empower individuals and communities to actively engage their creative capacities to produce social and environmental harmony.
  • To create an around-the-clock, around-the-globe network of interfaith, inter-tradition peace-creating activists applying collective intention toward social and environmental harmony.
  • To conduct scientific research on the nature of individual and collective consciousness and to educate the global community on the most effective means of directing this powerful resource for the greater good.
  • To conduct scientific research on the nature of individual and collective consciousness and how this influences society and the ecological welfare of the planet.
  • To conduct applications engineering and exploratory studies to wisely apply consciousness-related phenomena in real world situations to reduce crime and violence, to eliminate fragmentation and disenfranchisement within society, to empower and improve the quality of life for everyone, and to improve harmony at all levels: within individuals, between individuals and groups, and between humans and the environment.
  • To innovate and develop intellectual property related to collective consciousness and place this intellectual property in the public domain for use freely by others.
  • To organize and sponsor community and global consciousness-related events and study their influence on society and the environment.
  • To educate and provide instruction to the public, law enforcement agencies, municipal governments and other civic groups about the prudent application of consciousness-related activities.
  • To directly engage in – and to provide online and offline facilities for others to engage in – the promotion of consciousness-related activities and practices that promote social and ecological harmony.
  • To establish coherence-engendering products, services, technologies and networks and make these available to aligned individuals and groups worldwide.
  • To educate the public on redistribution of resources toward ecological harmony and sustainability.