I AM: From Imagining to Manifesting Part 2

Imagine there are no boundaries, no limits.  Imagine that the possibilities are infinite. Look at your life now and see what you find.  As you read through this post, I invite you to receive this as an offering of another perspective…try it on and see how it fits!

Now don’t simply imagine a collective vision… 

Look at our world and SEE that it also reflects our collective vision of “I am…” The principle is unfailing because we unwittingly engage the power that creates our realities when we affirm whatever follows I AM. This is how it is closer and dearer than our own breath and heart.

I AM is the clearest, least distorted statement in the human language that expresses the Infinite Presence that infuses all matter of being in the universe. I AM is our quintessential nature and our nature fulfilled. Our reality, individually and collectively, is an outpicturing of how we see ourselves, how we follow the powerful statement, “I am…”

Of course another word attempts this feat, “God”; but how can we fit something that is infinite into a limited concept? The word “God” is a concept, a limited linguistic expression of that which is infinite. The word “God” has been used immaturely and to create boundaries instead of union. In the name of “God” more violence and blood has been shed than any other single cause in the history of humankind. We can forgive our past transgressions and move on to more fulfilling, productive destinies when we return to “God” as an infinite Presence that unites us, rather than as a concept that divides us. Imagine that possibility…

This is what was revealed to Moses as “God’s” name: “I Am That I Am”; it is a profound and eternal message of Truth. This is what is revealed to us today through a confluence of religion, science, technology and an exciting global awakening:


This is who I AM

This is Now

Now is This

This is That

That is This

This is Here

So is That

This is All

That there Is

This is So



(from The Death and Life of Flesymi – A Mystical Odyssey“, a novel in the works by Flesymi)

It sounds too simple, I know.

Yet I AM describes the entire universe from beginning to end. It describes all the mathematics of motion, position, probability, relationship and change within the universe. It describes pairs of opposites across all levels of existence, from the positive and negative subatomic forces, to the love and fear of man and woman for themselves and each other. It describes our greatest dreams and our darkest nightmares. It describes all that we can become; it describes all that we can destroy. It describes all these things because it points to something that is infinite, the Truth of which can only be experienced, not discussed, measured or taught.

If you were infinite and someone asked your name, how could you answer in any other way that would reveal your infinitude? The mighty utterance “I AM” is a superb feat of infinite, impeccable logic because “I am…” can be followed by an infinite list of attributes and relationships, and thus, allows for infinite progression of expression.

Saying I AM in the genuineness of its true meaning allows us instantly to transcend the perceptual limits of time and space and manifest a destiny promised by our innate affinity for infinity . When we say I AM with the recognition that we are calling into action the Presence that creates stars, and with the recognition that we are one with that Presence, and with the recognition that we are individual expressions of that Presence, then we in that moment transcend all that separates us from our own infinite Essence. This is how we manifest and co-create desirable and mutually fulfilling futures.

From imagining to manifesting, our creative ability is only limited by imaginations.

By Joseph R. Giove

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One thought on “I AM: From Imagining to Manifesting Part 2

  1. Nice to see some activity here again. I’ve been too busy to check in right away, but it’s good to see it. I will always maintain that there is personal growth, and there are social consequences, which are dependent on the group one is associated with. People in culturally “rich” communities will have easier progress than those in “meager” circumstances. I talked with a woman from Georgia in a workshop breakout session two weeks back who hit the nail on the head when she said she got involved with online groups in California because it just didn’t go over in her part of “The South”. Nice people, but not progressive. Having lived in Alabama, and traveled a bit in Mississippi and Louisiana, I would agree. Keep you public persona within the limits of your cultural group – this is why most gurus live up in the foothills of the Himalayas, not the cities, and it states this clearly in Paramahansa Yogananda’s book, “Autobiography of a Yogi”. And the more like-minded souls you can interact with, the better it is going to be!


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