After Thursday’s Call…

I want to share part of my personal experience after Thursday’s call, as it was a truly magnificent, serendipitous day. As I reside on the west coast and I had been up late working Wednesday night, it was a fairly early morning for me on Thursday. What a special call and what an honor to have Elizabeth Araujo join us! Afterwards, I felt so uplifted from and I really wanted to start my day; however, physical fatigue took precedence over my desire to greet the darkness outside. So, I went back to sleep for a decadent morning nap. Chief Phil Lane Jr’s advice “Be up before the sun” echoed in my mind; however, I felt like my hard work from the previous evening had earned me the luxury of snuggling back in under the covers…

When I awoke around 9:30am, the sun’s rays were peeking into my bedroom, enticing me to arise. Somehow after the call, I felt not just empowered but fearless. Maybe fearlessness is a component of empowerment…either way, some of the uncertainty I previously had around certain circumstances had somehow dissipated. I decided to head out for a morning stroll and to my delight, I ended up on a timeless adventure that provided me with a wealth of inspiration. I savored every moment and I discovered some new venues serving fair-trade coffee, and delicious, healthy, local food. I avoided everything commercial and corporate and that felt really good. My interactions with “strangers” I encountered that day were intensely meaningful and deeply personal. I spent much of my time along the shore, listening to the water splash over rocks and stones and watching seals and birds. It was a simple yet empowering day; a day to nurture myself and my passions while caring for my health and well-being.

Several people I know follow the daily energies of the sacred Tzolkin and I sometimes check in with these daily energies after a particularly profound experience. I have found there are always correlations between these daily energies and what I have experienced and Kej (Deer) 5 was the first day I think I really got it. I truly felt the energy we spoke of in the call at many points throughout my day. It was this day that made me realize how precious a tool the sacred Tzolkin is. I felt as though the strength of the love we cultivated in that call was radiating out of me and that made me wonder if anyone else experienced anything similar? I know the actions I took throughout this gorgeous day probably seem simple but it is often the simple things that we neglect. It is often the simple things that make us feel most empowered. I invite you to share your own comments and your experiences here

By Rachel Frey

west coast sunset
west coast sunset

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