Coherence Collaborative September 16, 2015



Join the Common Passion Coherence Collaborative by posting your Coherence Events and Projects on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using @CommonPassion #coherence #InternationalPeaceDay #peace #CommonPassion #collaboration

Join our friends around the world in a free online Global Concordance and Meditation that will be inspired by the visual submissions to the Coherence Display and a deeply felt shared intention for harmony and peace in our communities and the world.holdingseeds

The Common Passion Community joins millions around the world on September 21st for the International Day of Peace.

We invite you to submit via social media images and videos that illustrate human coherence, and humans in alignment with the natural world. Post to your favorite social media sites and then share with Common Passion, use these Hashtags #coherence #InternationalPeaceDay #peace #CommonPassion #collaboration

True to our mission, the Common Passion Coherence Collaborative applies the science of human connection to create social and environmental harmony. This program allows the collective creativity of our community to display through social media visual manifestations of coherence and shared intention. Some examples are: group meditations, group yoga practices, music and dance synchronized events, global prayers and community gardening.


On Monday September 21st at 6 AM Pacific, 9 AM Eastern, 1 PM GMT Common Passion will host a Global Concordance and Meditation based on the Collaborative Coherence Display created by our shared intention for world peace.


Event coincides with lunar events.
Hashtags  #coherence #InternationalPeaceDay #peace #CommonPassion #collaboration

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