Harmonic Concordance Nov 8 – 9 2003

Good day from InfinityAffinity.org,

Today, September 25th, begins the new moon and starts the next cycle for these Convergences until Nov. 8. The new moon is a time to begin projects and set intentions. The full moon amplifies our intentions and is about completion and fruition, reaping the harvest.

For the next two weeks(ish) the Convergence is:
I AM Acceptance.
I AM Forgiveness.
The energies of transformation demand that we release what no longer serves our highest intentions while accepting and surrendering to Divine Will. Concurrent with this release/acceptance/surrender (not necessarily in that order) is the act of forgiveness – of ourselves and others. Forgiveness does not require rationalization or explanation by our logical minds; it only requires that we *give* of our light in advance…to “fore give.” Forgiveness is the release mechanism that opens the gate to higher vibrations of our own being. We must gracefully release the fears and blocks that hold our resistance in place, and forgive ourselves and others for denying our/their higher light. Only then can this existent, higher light shine through our being and become expressed through our thoughts, words and acts.
This requires courage, strength and resolve to break the patterns of old “non-serving ways,” which then allows our hearts and minds to expand into this greater state of dynamic being.
This week:
I AM Acceptance.
I AM Forgiveness.
Until October 10, let us converge regularly in heart and mind on the energies of transformation through acceptance and forgiveness. Be consciously aware that when we move to this energetic state, we are doing so together, for at any moment that you tune into this vibe, in that precise instant thousands, perhaps millions, are doing/being the very same thing, thus amplifying and expanding the power and influence of that state. This is “convergence”; our next stage of evolution demands that this be done consciously so that we may rightly take our place as conscious co-creators. And we must never lose sight of our vision (http://www.infinityaffinity.org/vision2.htm),
for “with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful, strive to be happy.” (Desiderata)
Please join us. And please help us spread the new Vibe!
“We perceive time according to the completeness of our own presence.”
— Gurdjieff
“The level of Being of a man attracts his life, and history repeats itself because we remain on the same level of being.”
— Living Time, Maurice Nicoll
“No longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free of.”
— Jewel

11.19.03  Special Report on the Harmonic Concordance by the GCP

As I have reported in the past, the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), directed by Roger Nelson of Princeton University, and under the research umbrella of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, studies the effects of events that capture the collective attention (consciousness), by measuring how a network of globally dispersed random number generators deviate from their designed-in randomness around the time of the event. Analysis of the data around the time of the Lunar Eclipse on November 8 show a significant harmonically related change in the measurements…what could genuinely be called a “harmonic concordance” (Merriam-Webster: b: a simultaneous occurrence of two or more musical tones that produces an impression of agreeableness or resolution on a listener :-).
The results are impressive. In the graph on the link below; you can see the peak at the time of our most coherent state.
This is showing us what we already know to be true, but it helps to have scientists like Roger illustrate this so clearly.
Thank you Roger and company!

Read more: noosphere.princeton.edu/harmonic.concordance.html