One Peace Live-The Buddhist-Maya Aura Festival for World Peace, November 7, 2010

One Peace Live Aura Festival connects the world for Peace.

The first global fire ceremony with a free live web-based video broadcast.

One Peace Live-The Buddhist-Maya Aura Festival for World Peace,


November 7, 2010

(San Francisco, CA)— Buddhist and Mayan spiritual leaders are joining forces for a historical cultural unification so the world may realize peace and harmony. One Peace Live-The Buddhist-Maya Aura Festival for World Peace will occur on November 7 (or 6th depending on time zone), 2010 and be the first ever available globally with a free live web-based video broadcast.

Mayan Grand Elder, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, will give blessings with the Sacred Mayan Staff of Authority, and Agon Shu’s spiritual leader, Reverend Seiyu Kiriyama, will transmit the Buddha’s thought, i.e., the vibration of wisdom, to all those willing to receive it. Participants do not need to be knowledgeable of Buddhist or Maya philosophy in order to participate.

The dual, sacred fire ceremony will transmit wisdom, light and the ability to create personal and world peace directly to participants at Agon Shu’s mountain temple in Kyoto, Japan and around the world through

Agon Shu,which has been working for world peace for decades, is joining Common Passion, which orchestrates global meditation and prayer events with all faith and wisdom traditions, to host the Aura Festival for only the second time. The first Aura Festival for world peace was held in 1984 by Agon Shu’s spiritual leader, Reverend Kiriyama Kancho, and His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.

“This is truly an historical moment,” commented Joseph Giove, Executive Director of Common Passion, “as these spiritual leaders share the magnificent, ancient spiritual wisdom of the Buddha and the Maya, united as one.”

He continued, “By unifying and giving full access for the first time to this sacred ceremony, the world can join others who are coming together to receive wisdom, light and peace at this most critical time for humanity. Now is the time to join the movement and declare; I am, you are… together we are One, in peace…I AM One Peace!”

Join the Global “Peace Fire” in meditation and prayer so peace may be realized worldwide. Sign up for the free live web-based video broadcast by visiting

What:               One Peace Live-The Buddhist-Maya Aura Festival for World Peace

Where:             Live from Kyoto, Japan and a free web-based video broadcast available                                           around the world.

When:              November 7, 2010 in Japan; November 6th in the evening in the Pacific U.S

Country Date Time
United States, Pacific Saturday, November 6 9 PM to 11 PM
United States, Eastern Sunday, November 7 Midnight to 2 AM
Japan Sunday, November 7 1PM to 3 PM
London Sunday, November 7 4 AM to 6 AM

*Check for exact times around the world.


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One Peace Live Aura Festival

The mission of the One Peace Live Aura Festival is to create world peace through the living breath of wisdom and enlightenment received graciously in the hearts and minds of those willing and ready to fulfill their and humanity’s greater destiny. Visit for more information


Common Passion

Common Passion is a global social collaborative of individuals and communities who share compassion as a common passion. It orchestrates global meditations and prayer events with all faith and wisdom traditions. The mission is to create social and environmental harmony through science-based and faith-based applications of collective consciousness. Common Passion welcomes people and organizations from all walks of life to help realize this common vision.


About Seiyu Kiriyama Kancho

Kiriyama Kancho discovered the Buddha’s jobutsuho, or attainment of Buddhahood, and founded Agon Shu in 1978. He is the spiritual leader of Agon Shu and is referred to as Kancho. He discovered that the Agama Sutras, sutras of the Original Buddhism, are the only sutras taught directly by Shakyamuni Buddha. He also discovered that the Buddha’s Seven Systems and Thirty Seven Practices (to gain the knowledge of reaching complete liberation and attaining Buddhahood) are contained in the Agama Sutras or original true Sutras. This led him to found Agon Shu in order to bring true world peace. Agon Shu’s objects of worship are said to be the true relics of the living Buddha.

In 1980 Kiriyama Kancho received the spiritual vibration from Shakyamuni Buddha at Sahet Mahet in India. Through his spiritual vision he has come to an understanding that humankind is at a crossroad. He has made it known that the 30 years between 1980 and 2010 would be a crucial period for humanity. He foresaw that our future would depend on whether we would be able to safely pass through this 30 year window. This year, 2010, is the last year of the period he foresaw, and Nov 7th is the anniversary of his vision.

Having experienced countless numbers of wars since he was a child and strongly recognizing the need for peace, Kiriyama Kancho believes his mission as a man of religion is to devote his prayers to the departed souls of the victims of horrific deaths around the world according to the highest Buddhist law, the “Jobutsu-ho,” and to perform Buddhist ceremonies dedicated to world peace. This is why Kiriyama Kancho and Agon Shu conduct activities and ceremonies around the world.

Through divine power he met the Grand Elder of the Maya, Wandering Wolf (Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj) and realized they have shared a similar vision and trajectory through life, culminating in the present time. In a deep commitment to their visions, and shared concern for humanity, they chose to hold a joint Sacred Fire Ceremony for world peace at this most auspicious time, to empower the world toward peace and harmony through the direct transmission of wisdom.


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About Wakatel Utiw, “Wandering Wolf,” also known as Alejandro Cirilo Pérez Oxlaj

Maya Grand Elder Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj’s spirit name is Wakatel Utiw, which means “Wandering Wolf” in his native language. He is regarded as the Voice of the Jungle and the Messenger of the Maya. Wandering Wolf is responsible for guiding the world through a prophesied evolutionary transition called the Shift of the Ages. He tells us we are living in the time when the ancestors, as well as men and women of wisdom, return to usher in a new era of global harmony and a new phase of human evolution.

Wandering Wolf serves as: leader of the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala; Day Keeper of the Mayan Calendar; 13th generation Quiche Mayan Spiritual Leader; a founder and Grand Elder of the Continental Council of Elders & Spiritual Guides of the Americas; Extraordinary Ambassador in the Guatemalan government representing the indigenous pueblos; and an international lecturer on Mayan culture. A cogent messenger, Wandering Wolf warns us that we have arrived at a critical crossroads. The message is simple and clear: we must change the way we live NOW.

When Wandering Wolf and Kiriyama Kancho met recently they realized their lives had run parallel courses. Providence and Buddha’s thought had prepared the setting for the fulfillment of both their visions: through the power of the Sacred Fire; Buddha’s thought as a direct transmission from Kancho; and Wandering Wolf’s Sacred Staff of Destiny, the people of the world could receive the wisdom and power necessary to realize world peace.

At One Peace Live on Nov 7th 2010 Wandering Wolf will be working with the power of an ancient Mayan Staff known as “The Staff of Authority, or Staff of Destiny.” This artifact, passed through generations of Wandering Wolf’s lineage, has an epic story behind it. Wandering Wolf received the Staff of Authority when he was 16 years old from his father, but did not begin working with it spiritually until about 30 years ago when he became an elder in his tradition. The staff was used in the 1992 ceremony that formed the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas and was passed around to Elders to spiritually support the various unity gatherings throughout the Americas. It has been used to inaugurate two presidents in Central and South America, and is now being employed to activate global enlightenment, peace and harmony through the direct transmission of wisdom at the November 7th event.

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