From Imagining to Manifesting Part 1

A word related to imagining is manifesting.

Manifesting is the making expressed or visible that which is implied or invisible.

How do we manifest our collective destiny, while simultaneously involved in a personal one, when everyone seems to be heading in different directions? To make matters more challenging, some people see their destiny along a predetermined course of events, while others see it as a hopeless struggle against forces that bring sadness, pain, fear and despair. Yet another potent group see their destiny as inseparable from the human species’ ability to manifest higher possibilities of a greater pattern or design, which some call G-d , Cosmic Consciousness, Infinite Presence, Christ, Buddha, the Messiah, etc.

How do we cocreate a collective destiny that is aligned with our greatest potential? The answer appears too complex on the surface; yet, there is a simple way…a very powerful way.

The way out of this paradox and confusion is as simple as 2 X 2 = 4. The recognition of this simple way is closer than your own breath, nearer and dearer than your own heart. And it costs you nothing. It is as obvious as the fact that 2 X 2 always equaled 4; it didn’t wait until we recognized it for it to be true.

But while this way is simple, it is not easy. It is not easy because we have for so long looked in the opposite direction and have locked our attention on the problem instead of the solution. It is time to change our attention. It is time to change our minds about our world. It is time to imagine something different.

Destiny is a matter of choice, not about predetermination. Destiny is about choosing which patterns and structures out of the infinite possibilities in us and before us we shall draw out and make expressed. Destiny is the power or agency that determines the course of events, and that power is us! It is our divine privilege to choose and toconsciously evolve.

Descartes once remarked, “Cogito, ergo sum,” I think, therefore I am. I prefer the affirmation offered by Professor Amit Goswami in his book, “The Self-Aware Universe .”

Professor Goswami offers, “Opto, ergo sum,” I choose, therefore I am.

Yet the power is not in the choice. The power is not in the pattern, or the in object of the choice. When I say, “I choose therefore I am,” it is the “I AM” that is the power.

I AM is the source, the idea and the fulfillment of the idea.

When we say I AM we are engaging the power to effect whatever follows it.

I AM broke.
I AM hungry.
I AM tired.
I AM lonely.
I AM afraid.
I AM hateful.


I AM love.
I AM abundant.
I AM whole.
I AM nourished.
I AM peace.
I AM nurturing.
I AM courageous.
I AM powerful.
I AM creative.

Imagine and write down a series of I AM statements that suit you, in this moment.

From imagining to manifesting, see what occurs when you let your creativity be expressed!

…Part 2 Coming on Monday…

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