I AM Awareness


I AM Awareness was written for InfinityAffinity in 2001 by Joseph R. Giove, founder and Executive Director of Common Passion.  Joseph has provided the Common Passion team with some amazing affirmations, I AM statements and some overall inspiration.

Read and enjoy!!

Good day from InfinityAffinity.org:

Our ultimate goal with InfinityAffinity.org is not a momentary convergence but a constant, energetic carrier wave that emanates from us and influences every other energetic thing around us…a new vibe. This week let us make a personal study of how we are directing our energy. We will do this by staying cognizant of the principles of manifestation wherein we simply harmonize internally with key universal principles, namely,


moment by moment…











and be those things internally…be the “I AM Presence”…until they are manifest before our senses.

This week we will not just affirm our “I AMness” along one path, but let us make it a dynamic, conscious observation/reaction based upon what our world is currently showing us, moment by moment.

For example, if the world reports to our senses (via the “news” of some other circumstance) a picture of poverty, in that moment, move into a love state (Heart Center), and affirm with your I AM Force its essence based on the above principles. Since poverty is a distortion of the Life Force and a denial of the Principle of Abundance brought about by a consciousness of fear and separation, we affirm in reaction to that observation, “I AM Unity, I AM Peace, I AM Wisdom, I AM Abundance, I AM Light. Of course, this isn’t just a verbal/mental exercise; it must be backed by the full force of our I AM presence.

The reminder key is this:

I AM fully conscious of my I AM Presence and see through “illusion”

to the core principles manifesting *through* the appearances.

You may want to print this for your daily use. Please, help us spread the new vibe!

Have a wonderfully aware, multidimensional, abundant week centered around your unshakable inner peace.

My best to you this week,


Copyright 1999-2006 Joseph R. Giove, InfinityAffinity.org

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