I Choose Love…

The Venus Transit is allowing us to see things in our own lives and that of others that we would not see otherwise.  Just like when you walk into a big room with lots of people; as you move around the room you keep seeing things from a different perspective.  Since the Venus Transit happens every 121 years, we won’t have this perspective again in our lifetimes.  Just be still, breathe and tune into it.  We are clearly seeing that our primarily patriarchal society has not worked well; destruction of the environment, fighting wars, punishing prisoners instead of rehabilitating them, etc.  Venus is the planet of love and femininity, so now we have the advantage of more loving, and more yin energy integrating with all.  This is on the cusp of the Mayan date of 12/21/2012 that has been prophesied for 5,025 years.  I see the Venus Transit as a doorway to 12/21/2102, and thus the enormous changes and challenges are unfolding over a period of time, not just on any one day; in fact some will still be unfolding 100 and even 1,000 years from now.  We are being called to connect the dots and heal ourselves, each other and our planet.  As we do so we raise our energy vibration to make it easier to move though the great shifts that are happening more frequently and with more volatility and intensity.  In fact we have an opportunity to thrive, not just survive.

If we choose not to do so, individually and collectively, it will be harder and harder for us to be here.

I choose love….

By Donald Simon

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