I Imagine…

Here’s a day in the life I imagine….

I imagine waking up just after daybreak on a warm summer morning surrounded by my nearby “tribe,” including my son Josh.

Community Garden

I rest a bit more, stretch some and then work with a few others to prepare a breakfast of organic food we grow, including wild edibles. Then after we eat and have coffee or tea, a number of us work cultivating and harvesting plants while the others do other community chores until mid day when it becomes hot.

We then break for lunch that I help prepare for others, and after we eat, another group cleans up.

Next, I imagine that some of us go swimming or float on a raft in our man-made lake. Then many of us rest during the heat of the day. After that we finish a few personal chores and wash up before dinner prep and dining. We gather to tell stories, dance and sing songs. Then off to bed to read (or hug) before sleep. community circle

I also imagine that every week we have a community meeting in a circle to discuss our concerns including how we help each other, take care of the earth and we can some contribution to others in the world. Each season and each challenge brings opportunities to learn and thrive, and yes sometimes fail or experience sorrow.

We always help each other and do our best to care for ourselves in every way.

I imagine…

By Donald Simon

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