Just imagine….

Imagine a world without pain, sorrow, poverty or violence.

John Lennon Imagine

Back in October 1971, John Lennon released this beautiful, inspiring song that encourages us to imagine a world of oneness. A world without judgements, borders or violence. There are many renditions of this song by many talented artists.

Almost everyone I know has memorized some of the lyrics of “Imagine.”

Many causes and organizations have used this song as inspiration. Einstein said that “the true sign of intelligence it is not knowledge but imagination.”

Imagination is our gift and it is our imaginations that bring us ideas for new discoveries and developments. It is up to us how we use the ideas we imagine and Lennon’s song is a true gift to humanity that causes us to examine our contribution to life on this mysterious blue planet of ours.

Over 40 years later, this song continues to give people hope, for we know that “if we can imagine it, we can achieve it.”

What kind of world do you imagine? What is YOUR vision of peace? And what steps will YOU take to achieve this?

To celebrate International Peace Day this September, Common Passion will be hosting the Imagine Global Concordance.

Please join us in imagining the world we want to live in and co-create. Check our site often and let’s not just imagine a peaceful world together; let’s create it!

By Rachel Frey

imagine peace

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