March Updates

Some interesting upcoming programs you may want to participate in or check out:

1. World Water Day: Global Meditation and Wave of Action. Sunday March 22nd, 2015

2. Prepare for Earth Week in April with the Compassion Games, Love This Place! Serve the Earth Week (April 18 – 26) aims to help us transform our love for those we care about and our love for this place into compassionate action for the Earth and all its inhabitants. It aims to uplift and rally our spirits with a positive vision of the future we can live into, and reminds us of how to protect, enhance, and
celebrate what we love… together!

3. Optimize your life. Change the world. Programs for personal and collective transformation:

The World is Calling Us to Greatness. A worldwide movement is emerging at the nexus of science, inspiration, and sustainability. Beliefs are secondary. What unites us is a pool of shared values and commitments—and the vision of a just and healthy future for humanity and the larger body of life. This historic series of 30-60 minute Skype interviews showcases the work of many of today’s leaders and luminaries regarding what to expect in the decades ahead, what’s being done—what still needs to be done—and how to be in action despite enormous challenges. These 55 experts represent a veritable Who’s Who of prophetic inspiration.

The Entrepreneur’s Inner World. Do you want to create a world-changing business? Discover why the success of your venture is as much about emotional and personal readiness as it is about practical knowledge. Join a selection of the world’s leading thinkers as they share big ideas and practical tools you to can use to grow yourself as well as your business and truly become an entrepreneur.


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