Summer Days

Those long, slow lazy summer days lie just beyond the horizon…or perhaps for some, it feels like summer has already arrived.  If you see spring as a time of rebirth, could you see summer as a time to recharge? Sometimes the longer stretches of daylight enable us to move through our daily task list with more ease, spreading those items over a longer time period because we know we will be up until after the sun goes down.  The sun seems to allow us a greater sense of detachment.

lazy summer day

There are some people who do not worry.  Worry is such a part of our daily lives in western society.  Whenever I encounter someone who does not believe in worry, it piques my curiosity.  As a strong worrier, I realize the freedom I could enjoy if I had no worries.  So much time is given to contemplating those ominous “what-ifs” as we plan for safety and security, forgetting that there exist variables over which we have zero control.

If there is one thing summer reminds us of, it is to enjoy ourselves.  To relax, to enjoy the moment, to not worry.  In our world of calendars, devices and unending to-do lists, it is not easy to let go and spend a lazy afternoon lying outside.  But it is possible.

Take a moment to breathe in deeply and hold that breath in for as long as you can.  As you hold this breath, think about what you will release.  Gather everything that is worrying you at this very moment.  With one big, heavy sigh, with all of your powerful will, push those worries out of you.

Worries may have served you until this moment, until you made a choice to make them unwelcome.  You may still worry, but you may also feel a little lighter after that release.  And that lightness, my friend, is going to allow you to embrace that beautiful, sunny summer afternoon you deserve with somewhat more ease and acceptance.  Allow summer to recharge you.  Just like this moment, summer is fleeting and worry may cause you to miss it altogether!

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