The Importance of Loving

The importance of loving is vast, deep and leaves, perhaps, more of an impact than one would expect.  We never know how our actions may affect other people, so why not default to love?  While individual adults are accountable for their lives and for their behaviour, it is an exercise of compassion to be mindful of those surrounding us.  With compassion, we are open to understanding what motivates a person to behave the way they do. Deeper understanding of a person’s behaviour allows us to be more accepting, to allow someone to be where they need to be.  If we resist who someone is, or try to change them, we may end up inhibiting their growth.  Unconditional means without conditions, with stipulations, without control, so unconditional love is complete acceptance, complete allowance.

Think of some of the tough times you’ve encountered.  Did you survive? Yes.  Did you learn something? Probably.  Are you a stronger person because of what you have been through? Absolutely!  And are you a wiser person because of your trials and tribulations? Most definitely!  If someone had tried to interfere with the occurrences of those tough times, true, you may not have some of the physical or emotional scars you now have; however, the fullness of your experiences would not be as rich, your story would not be as long, and YOU would not be YOU.

So choose love.  If someone is unkind to you, love them anyways.  They may be having the worst day of their life so a loving gesture may just allow them to turn that around.  However slight that turnaround may be does not matter; what matters is that you provided that person an opportunity to see in your love, a reflection of their true inner self, their true inner, unconditionally-loving self.

To connect with this unconditional love, look deeply into your heart.  When you are completely vulnerable and honest with yourself, that self-love is completely unconditional.  It neither wavers nor fades; it is true and honest and pure.  Connect with it and choose to embrace it.

It is so important, to the development of our species, for our healing process, to allow our love to flow…[youtube=]

With unconditional love to all of you,

Rachel Frey

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