The shift or not… the new mainstream…

Many of us wonder if the “shift” happened or not.

Some people look around and see things substantially the same – or worse – as before.

Some look and see things changing for the better, however gradual and slow, but nonetheless changing, in spite of hyper-sensationalized media reporting to the contrary.

No doubt this discrepancy between the see-bads and see-goods is the scale of the population itself: over 7.2 billion (that’s 7,240,000,000) humans living out their uniquely individual lives. That’s 7.2+ billion universes of human experience. That’s not even counting animal, fish and plant experiences…a total biomass of 75 billion tons of living matter on/in earth at this moment.

An interesting way to see just the human population activity in real time is to view here

And look at broader changing indices in society, government, media, economics, environment, energy, health and food:

Given the sheer scale of life activity and its never-ending flux, and the limited and biased way the media portrays things in its 30-minute slice of local or world “news” (or CNN’s continuously regurgitated breaking stories), how in the world can anyone claim to have a fix on what’s actually the state of affairs, good or bad?

Our perspective is as much a lens capturing and consolidating enormous experiential input, as it is a filter screening out what we are looking for… or hiding from.

As Anais Nin States: “We don’t see things as they are; we see them as we are.”

I believe that friends of Common Passion experience the world stage from a higher perspective, an expanded consciousness. And we’ve been putting this expanded consciousness into practice in our lives through our work, our service, our play, our love for Mother Gaia and our health. We en-light-en each other with our conscious play at life. And because of this it’s easier to see the goodness of life than its dark effluence.

And we’re not alone.

A recent Huffington post article by Dianne Collins entitled:  “There’s a New Mainstream Out

There — and You’re Probably Part of It” highlights a movement that many of us have been pioneering for decades, in what she refers to as the “consciousness crowd.”

It’s this expanded awareness that inspires us to develop new ways of making change at fundamental levels – the level of consciousness – and providing real-time actionable feedback to those wanting to side-step the never-ending drama of divisive, partisan, Hegelian conflict.

More on Common Passion’s Global Coherence Feedback System in another post.

In the meantime, enjoy the holidays and let’s get set in the New Year to express our powerful human capacity to act as one:

“Contracting our infinite sense we behold multitude; expanding it, we behold One.” William Blake.

“The level of being of a man attracts his life, and history repeats itself because we remain on the same level of being.” Living Time, Maurice Nicoll

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