Wind Energy

Wind: blowing, breezy, swirling, twirling, catching, lifting, rising, falling.  Listen to the wind…what messages does it have for you?  Having always been fascinated by wind, I am in awe of both its power and it’s gentleness.  While wind itself has no specific shape or form, it is a living entity.

It is pure energy, always shifting, never the same.

I feel so inspired by today’s call.  To me, wind is so much more than a meteorological entity, more than the movement of air to varying degrees, more than a soft breeze or a relentless hurricane.

wind energy
wind energy

The first 2 lines describing “wind” on Wikipedia define it as “the flow of gases on a large scale. On Earth, wind consists of the bulk movement of air.” Although I practice yoga and pranayama regularly, I had not previously related wind to breath.  I see this connection so clearly now, as the movement of air is what keeps us alive.

This is the perspective I needed to gain to express wind energy in words.  We all know this intrinsically: when we have shallow breath, life is strained, stressful and perhaps, well, shallow.  When we breathe deeply, we relax because we are breathing in our life-force and we are fully present.  As Barbara so beautifully expressed, “the awareness of our breath animates our world.”

As a living entity, wind is always in the present moment.  For the Maya, time and space are one, interconnected, interchangeable.  Wind is an illustration of this, so listen to this message.  Whenever I dance in the wind, I feel free and unencumbered, with no regard for the past or the future.  How do you feel when dancing in the wind?

dandelion seedsTake a deep breath and feel the wind, wherever you are on this gorgeous planet.  Allow wind energy to flow through your body, to make you shiver and to make you feel ALIVE.

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