4 Road / Wayeb

We are ending our 90 Global Concordance tele-webcast series on a  “4” Road day.  However, we do not feel that something is ending; rather, that something new is beginning.  The collaboration between Common Passion and Mayan Cross has been a powerful reminder to us that we can create amazing programs by enlisting the wisdom and expertise of others who share our common passion: compassion.

winding road
winding road

As we honor this sacred 4 Road day, we set our intention to continue to be a means for connection and compassion.  This Road energy allows us to look forward to how we can sow, nurture and grow our community over the next several months with the new programs we have planned. While we each follow our individual paths on a daily basis, somehow our “Roads” have all converged to lead us together here.  The momentum that we have co-created is growing and now we are at the dawn of the Wayeb, 5 “lost days” that occur at the end of the 360-day solar year “Haab” calendar.

Wayeb Glyph
Wayeb Glyph

These days are observed by the Elders with utmost respect. Mayan cosmology is overt about exploring the underworld. This is where the shadow side of ourselves resides, and there no personal growth without facing it. Wayeb is the time to consciously allow this to happen.

During Wayeb we look deeply within and formulate specific commitments so that we can become our best in the new year.  This is the perfect opportunity for new beginnings. What would YOU like to co-create with us?

We welcome your comments and suggestions: please feel free to either comment publicly here or email your suggestion to rachel@commonpassion.org.

Co-written by Rachel Frey and Barbara Sadtler

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2 thoughts on “4 Road / Wayeb

  1. Barb and I will probably be in Sedona on the 19th – that’s about as close as our arc will get. We’ll make a rock thing down by Oak Creek – see if you can find it!

  2. Now that Wayeb is over, and so many are Thankful for that experience, perhaps one thing we could do going forward is ask all of us in the expanding community to hold an intention. One group intention for every week. I loved hearing from Janene in the first Transform and Thrive webcast and her ‘hopes, dreams, prayers’ for her community. Maybe holding her community in our hearts for one week would raise a vibration and have a positive impact. Another week we could hold the Mayan Community in Guatemala up, with our intention. As Don suggested, another idea is for Mother Earth.

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