Common Passion

I’ve been speaking about Common Passion a lot lately within my circles of friends and acquaintances and many people are intrigued.  So, what exactly is Common Passion?

This could be answered in a few ways.  I could recite the Mission and Vision and share a description of what the organization stands for, what events are planned and what Common Passion aspires to do in the world.

Or I could invite you to find your own meaning….

Having sat on a number of different boards, each of them relating to sustainability in one way or another, I joined Common Passion’s core team with expectations of what I might encounter.  I felt honoured to be a part of such an amazing team of incredibly intellectual, creative and deeply spiritual people.   I quickly learned that this team would support my ideas and skills in a way that I hadn’t experienced previously.  With the ultimate goal of global, social and environmental harmony, Common Passion is simultaneously an experience, a community, a safe haven, an organization that coordinates global meditations and a resource. 

Through Common Passion I have learned more about compassion, personal accountability and acceptance.  Although I am in awe of the people I am collaborating with, they treat me as a peer.  I feel as though I am somehow home, that I can express the most authentic version of myself without limitation within this beautiful community.  I can be intense, upset, happy, loving; it matters not.  This group accepts me as I am and supports me. Compassion truly is a Common Passion within this group.

There is so much happening on the planet; it seems to be happening all at once.  It’s overwhelming and at times, one can feel lonely.  At this auspicious time, there is so much confusion over what might happen.  2012 has been sensationalized and for some, 2012 has a very low vibration.

2012 has been amazing for me, because I have surrounded myself with a compassionate community that helps me to see my trials as sources of learning and gratitude and my triumphs as cause for great celebration.  Common Passion is a big part of my community and because of the support I have received, I want to share my time with this organization.  I want to strengthen what Common Passion is and what we do because this resonates with my heart.

While Common Passion explores deep concepts, such as global coherence, the collective consciousness and the prophecies of the Maya, for me, it really is quite simple.  Common Passion is a source of compassion and connection.

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