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I recently stumbled upon a site entitled Global Love Letters.  The premise behind this movement is, in a nutshell, to spread unconditional love.  I am very excited by what Simon and Miguel have created: they are encouraging people to leave love letters in random places for random people to find, to remind them how valuable and how loved they are.  Being involved in A Billion Acts of Love has, of course, heightened my awareness of and my desire to seek groups that are promoting love, compassion and anything to do with connecting human beings to each other.  When I discovered Global Love Letters, I immediately started to formulate a plan to collaborate with a friend (she doesn’t know about it yet, but I am quite certain she will join me).  Imagine if each of us wrote just 2 letters!  I’m envisioning the ripple effect and it’s absolutely heart-warming. 

Being the moderator for this blog, I realized I can do more, by sharing this beautiful endeavor with the Common Passion Community.  The way I see it, the more those of us who are comfortable expressing love create opportunities for others to express their own love, the more loving each other can and will become the new norm.  While I feel that, ultimately, it is our true nature to love one another, there is a disconnect somehow and my intuition tells me that people are yearning to reconnect with this innate way of being.

Simon Sutton describes how he conceived of Global Love Letters in this short video.  If you visit, there are a series of videos explaining how the movement began and how to get involved.  I cannot express enough how this simple idea resonates with me; it’s just so powerful!

Get involved today:

You can find more information on the website, on Facebook and on YouTube.  Simon and Miguel invite you to create and upload your own videos and to subscribe to “Language of love TV” .  You may also upload photos/stories on the Global love letters Facebook page  and post comments at  Because this is a relatively new movement, please do write a testimonial to help this movement grow.

With love and light,

Rachel Frey

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