I AM the New Vibe!

I AM the New Vibe is another tidbit of Joseph R. Giove’s wisdom, written in 2003.  We find ourselves in a time when medical doctors have realized the benefits of meditation and other holistic practices on our overall well-being.  Science has acknowledged the power of intention, from the placebo effect to the ability of beliefs to manipulate our genes and DNA. 

We HAVE the knowledge and power to be the new vibe…

“If a world peace meditation performed once a year can help realize peace in the world, what would happen if we did this every day for other exciting possibilities as well?”

When I wrote this question a few years ago as an introduction to the InfinityAffinity web site, there were mostly annual peace meditations, like on New Years, the Equinoxes and certain key astrological configurations. Now, thanks to the heightening paradox of polarity existence, we are given the amazing opportunity to test our spiritual metal and provide a positive energetic background from which a new world of peace, harmony, creativity, abundance and cooperation will emerge.

Yet, if we, who have an affinity for the infinity possibilities of the human spirit, believe in our heart of hearts that millions of people can converge on a prayer or meditation and increase the probability of that prayer manifesting, such as a peaceful resolution to ages-old conflicts, then why do we apply ourselves in this way only occasionally?

Why, if we believe that the power of our attention directing our life force can condition and modify the space and “laws” in operation around us, do we spin our energy enforcing the effluence of human existence…and the very things that we DON’T want…instead of charging the bright, lovely, wise, compassionate, colorful aspects of our brothers and sisters?

Without the present burden of world events to provide the impetus for us to act as One, would we have millions around the world rising up not only in thought but also in an awesome emotional energy empowering the desire for a new way to encounter change, challenge and conflict?

This week’s convergence:

I AM the New Vibe!

I AM the new vibe!!

Be it now, and now, and now…

And please, help us spread the New Vibe.

Copyright 1999-2006 Joseph R. Giove, InfinityAffinity.org

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One thought on “I AM the New Vibe!

  1. Well, I think it’s “mettle”, but anyway, I visualized a candle burning brightly all the way to the polling place with victory vibes for “the correct candidate”. I have been the New Vibe since I heard The Beatles at the very first time on the first day that “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” broke on the AM airwaves. “I see all good people – so glad I’m on my way”. Yes!

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