Spa for the Soul

Some of the finest and most talented experts in the field of psychological and emotional well-being are offering their services to Common Passion members for free.  The webcasts can be attended from anywhere on the globe, and the recorded episodes will be available for members to enjoy post-broadcast.

The Spa for the Soul is a private, connected, visceral virtual space for individual and collective exploration, transformation, healing and renewal.  It is a global community that supports itself with talented healers, educators and visionaries.  A sacred collective space within the living field of the living earth, which offers us a place to gather to dance through these challenging, shifting times. It is a safe, free virtual spa for your joyous, troubled, tired, silly, loving and adventurous soul.
Relax, refresh and replenish yourself in the Spa for the Soul’s monthly program in which four practitioners each offer 50-minute healing or teaching sessions via remote, recorded webcasts.  Are you ready to have some fun and learn something about yourself?  Attend an upcoming Spa for the Soul!

Program duration: April 2011 to December 2011

If you are a Common Passion member and a healing practitioner, and would like to donate your services for the greater community, please contact us about being a featured speaker on Spa for the Soul.

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