Transform and Thrive!

Our free tele-webcast series are a gift to all Common Passion friends as a thank you for participating in our global events and programs. Live the recent Shift of the Ages global online premiere, the Mayan Day energies 90-day program and the Mayan Wayeb shadow workshop series.
Our new free tele-webcast series Transform and Thrive!, hosted by Donald John Simon, will begin on Wednesday, March 6th 2013 at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern and 2 AM GMT (on the 7th). There is no charge to attend. Tele-webcast access details below my signature.
This first call will be an introduction to the new series.  In these shifting times, it is now more important than ever to care for and nurture oneself. The purpose of the Transform and Thrive! series is to help us rapidly evolve in all ways, individually and collectively; this includes showing us how to use various healing modalities that work individually and on a large scale.  We will be the catalysts for rapid individual and collective change only when we are prepared and collaborating locally and globally.
We are asking for you not only to listen in but to participate and share your wisdom in order to create synergy that lasts far beyond each call.  Now is the time for us to create together a world that is greater than we have even imagined is possible.  You’ll learn and see why universal energies are conspiring with us to help create these beautiful, important and meaningful changes.

Don has a diverse background as the author of the, an advanced Certified Theta Healer, and a Certified Financial Planner using a holistic approach. He has done many presentations on radio shows and to groups around the US about how to easily make positive transformation occur right now on an individual as well as a global basis.

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