Tag: in the moment

Jun 14

Summer Days

Those long, slow lazy summer days lie just beyond the horizon…or perhaps for some, it feels like summer has already arrived.  If you see spring as a time of rebirth, could you see summer as a time to recharge?>  Sometimes…

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May 01

Wishing You Love Today

Wishing you love today, on Global Love Day!  What an awesome way to recognize the beauty of love; during our meditation this morning, Joseph referred to love as  “the connective tissue of the universe.”  Quantum Mechanics refers to love as…

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Jan 23

12 Jaguar / Ix

Jaguar conjures an image of a large, powerful, sleek, beautiful animal with a shiny spotted coat. Either lying in the treetops or moving stealthily along the ground, she always seems at one with nature.   Some who travel to the Guatemalan…

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Jan 21

After Thursday’s Call…

I want to share part of my personal experience after Thursday's call, as it was a truly magnificent, serendipitous day. As I reside on the west coast and I had been up late working Wednesday night, it was a fairly…

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