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Social harmony is possible. Environmental harmony is possible. Global coherence is possible. Love is possible. Through conscious collaboration, we can and we WILL manifest the world we all deserve to dwell in. As a step in this direction, we invite you to join us in this endeavor, to share your musings with the Common Passion community and beyond, through written word.

The creation of this virtual space will allow people from all over the world to submit their written work, which will be reviewed by our Core Team. If your piece meets the criteria it will be published as a Common Passion Blog post. The Core Team, the Advisory Board and invited guest bloggers will also be contributing. Please navigate through our Community Blog posts, which can be found at the top and on the left-hand side of this web-page.

We are so excited to share this fertile space with you! Let’s plant some amazing ideas and together, we will see them to fruition.

Blog Post Criteria

All submitted content should relate somehow to the Common Passion vision. Your piece should contain a minimum of 1 image, a title and your name. You may also wish to include links, multimedia such as video, and a link to your own website; these are optional. The Common Passion community is all-inclusive, so blog posts containing profanity, discriminatory remarks and/or themes, or any sort of hatred will not be accepted.

Your piece may range from 150-600 words in length. The Blog will be updated every week so depending on the number of submissions we receive, there may be a considerable time interval prior to publishing. We will do our best to provide you with 1 week’s notice of publishing.

As we wish to remain a free source of information and ideas, we kindly request that you do not submit any work that is subject to any copyright law whatsoever. By submitting your work to the Common Passion Community Blog, you agree that you have the right to share this work freely and you absolve Common Passion of any and all liabilities in regard to publishing your work in the public domain.

To submit your writing to the Common Passion Community Blog, please email Rachel rachel@commonpassion.org.

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One thought on “Welcome!

  1. The Venus Transit made me more sky-aware, and the stars have been sparkling in brilliant patterns since then. There have been star triangles and angel cloud sunsets, roses blooming after deer nibbling, foxes keeping watch, and rare surprise rain showers with glowing rainbows in gray clouds. Spending a few days along the North Sonoma coast brought visualizations of endless power, waves of soft seashell-washing or storm-tossed fury, and waterfalls trackling down cliffs to mix with the ebb and flow of moon coaxed cycles.

    Summer bent to her task selflessly, stooping to share every detail, nudging each event personally but moving on in an instant, finally lifting the weight of creation with purpose and elegant will, embracing all things, becoming all things, fraught with the tresses of her fragrant, sunswept, golden embrace of life, of love and eternity blue.

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