Year: 2012

Nov 06

I AM the New Vibe!

I AM the New Vibe is another tidbit of Joseph R. Giove's wisdom, written in 2003.  We find ourselves in a time when medical doctors have realized the benefits of meditation and other holistic practices on our overall well-being.

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Oct 30

I AM Awareness

I AM Awareness was written for InfinityAffinity in 2001 by Joseph R. Giove, founder and Executive Director of Common Passion.  Joseph has provided the Common Passion team with some amazing affirmations, I AM statements and some overall inspiration.

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May 30

The Importance of Loving

The importance of loving is vast, deep and leaves, perhaps, more of an impact than one would expect.  We never know how our actions may affect other people, so why not default to love?  While individual adults are accountable for…

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