Common Passion events possess these qualities:

Intention: They bring people together, remotely and/or in person, with a positive intention shared by everyone participating in the event.

Coherence: They contain activities both inwardly focused and outwardly focused that create coherence amongst participants. Outwardly focused activities include dance, musical events, social or environmental activism. Inwardly focused activities include local group or global meditations, or prayer circles. Often the activities are simultaneously inwardly and outwardly focused.

Harmony:  The outcome of the shared intentional coherent activities is harmony amongst participants that also influences people, life and the environment around them.

We invite people from all walks of life who share an affinity for these qualities to participate in our events.

Global Love Day May 1st 2016

May 1, 2016

We honor each May 1st as a symbolic day of unconditional love and call upon all people and all nations to gather together in the wisdom of peace and love. Global Love Day is the universal recognition of our innate oneness through love. It is our vision to unite one and all…

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Global Peace Day September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

The Common Passion Community joins millions around the world on September 21st for the International Day of Peace. We invite all friends of Common Passion to share in our Coherence Collaborative, a fun and interactive program to enhance understanding of how coherent intention coupled with action, sharing and connection can help bring about…

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Coherence Collaborative September 16, 2015

September 16, 2015

  COMMON PASSION COHERENCE COLLABORATIVE Join the Common Passion Coherence Collaborative by posting your Coherence Events and Projects on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using @CommonPassion #coherence #InternationalPeaceDay #peace #CommonPassion #collaboration Join our friends around the world in a free online Global Concordance and Meditation that will be inspired by the visual submissions to the Coherence Display and a deeply felt shared intention for harmony and peace in our communities and the world. The Common Passion Community joins millions around the world on September 21st for the International Day of Peace. We invite you to submit via social media images and videos that illustrate human coherence, and humans in alignment with the natural world. Post to your favorite social media sites and then share with Common Passion, use these Hashtags #coherence #InternationalPeaceDay #peace #CommonPassion #collaboration True to our mission, the Common Passion Coherence Collaborative applies the science of human connection to create social and environmental harmony. This program allows the collective creativity of our community to display through social media visual manifestations of coherence and shared intention. Some examples are: group meditations, group yoga practices, music and dance synchronized events, global prayers and community gardening. COMMON PASSION COHERENCE COLLABORATIVE On Monday September 21st at 6 AM Pacific, 9 AM Eastern,…

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Global Love Day May 1st 2015

May 1, 2015

1. Global Love Day May 1st 2015. Global Love Day is the universal recognition of our innate oneness through love. Join people around the world in celebrating and expanding LOVE. We are one humanity on this planet. All life is interconnected and interdependent. All share in the Universal bond of love. Love begins with self-acceptance and forgiveness. With respect and compassion we embrace diversity. Together we make a difference through love. We Celebrate our Humanity As we continue to connect with people and organizations…

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Imagine Global Concordance, September 21st 2014

September 21, 2014

To celebrate International Peace Day this September, Common Passion will be hosting the Imagine Global Concordance. In 1982, September 21st became “The International Day of Peace.” At Common Passion, we recognize and celebrate this day with our Global Community in a creative way each year. This year, we are especially inspired by the beautiful song “IMAGINE” by John Lennon. This song has inspired so many that it has been performed by countless artists in multiple languages. We are imagining a world of peace and so much…

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International Day of Peace – September 9th, 2013

September 21, 2013

World Peace Global Concordance: Inner Peace. Established by U.N. resolution in 1982, “Peace Day” has grown to include millions of people around the world who participate in all kinds of events, large and small. This weekend millions of people around the world will be celebrating the International Day of Peace, which coincides with the Equinox. The actual Equinox is September 22 at 8:44 PM GMT, and the International Day of Peace is September 21st. Common Passion will be hosting an Inner World Peace Global Concordance via live and recorded Tele-Webcast this coming Sunday September 22nd at 7:00 AM Pacific, 10 AM…

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Global Love Day – May 1st, 2013

May 1, 2013

We are one humanity on this planet. All life is interconnected and interdependent. All share in the Universal bond of love. Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness. With respect and compassion we embrace diversity. Together we make a difference through love. Join people around the world in celebrating and expanding LOVE. Common Passion supports this annual event since its inception in 2000:

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Venus Transit 2012: The Legacy… A billion acts of love – June 5th, 6th 2012

June 5, 2012

We converged globally in 2004 at the first pass of this cycle of the Venus transit, and no one alive on the planet today will have the opportunity to witness this event again, which represents a powerful opportunity to become coherent around collective creative expression and to empower our dreams into a harmonious reality. With the upcoming transit of Venus occurring this June, we have a spectacular opportunity to come together as one for discovery, exploration and connection. We will be joining with…

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Supra Coherence Gateway Festival Saratoga Springs, September, 16th – 18th 2011

September 16, 2011

What would happen if we created an event during which our deliberate intention and our unified goal of creating a better world could be attained by accessing our collective creative potential?

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One Peace Live-The Buddhist-Maya Aura Festival for World Peace, November 7, 2010

November 7, 2010

One Peace Live Aura Festival connects the world for Peace. The first global fire ceremony with a free live web-based video broadcast. One Peace Live-The Buddhist-Maya Aura Festival for World Peace,   November 7, 2010 (San Francisco, CA)— Buddhist and Mayan spiritual leaders are joining forces for a historical cultural unification so the world may realize peace and harmony. One Peace Live-The Buddhist-Maya Aura Festival for World Peace will occur on November 7 (or 6th depending on time zone), 2010 and be the first ever available globally with a free live web-based video broadcast. Mayan Grand Elder, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, will give blessings with the Sacred Mayan Staff of Authority, and Agon Shu’s spiritual leader, Reverend…

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Trans Species Communication Awareness Week – July 4-12th 2009

July 4, 2009

Open yourself to communication with all life. Common Passion and the Common Passion Trans-Species Vibe Tribe Team invite you to join a simple yet exciting program with limitless possibility: communicating, receptively and actively, with all who inhabit Mother Earth and beyond to broaden our horizons and enrich our lives. This concept is not new, our Ancestors and Wisdom Keepers have always done this. Many people communicate with plants, animals and earth on a daily basis without a second thought. We talk to our pets, to our plants, to the weather, to the traffic, to no one in particular unconsciously acting out our daily lives. This week is about actively listening and consciously communicating, then journaling your experiences on the Common Passion Forum [link to the new forum that Dee will create.]   DETAILS 1. Each Day during the week July 4th to 12th is a time to begin this wonderful…

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WiseUSA ‘O8 – October 1st to November 6th 2008

October 1, 2008

For millions of years, human beings have gathered around FIRE to bring forth wisdom…and understanding…to help respond to the challenges of their time. Through ritual, music, and movement,  our ancestors celebrated the cycles of nature and their place in the cosmos. Through respectful dialogue they listened to each other’s wisdom. And in silence they opened to the Great Mystery for guidance on the journey of life.   Today, we find ourselves at a crucial moment in the evolution of the United States of America and, for all of humanity. As a country, we face great economic uncertainty and a diminished international reputation.  As a species, we face unprecedented planetary challenges in the form of global warming, mass extinctions, overpopulation and many other grave environmental and social problems. Yet at this critical hour we are also witnessing the birth of an astonishing possibility for humanity. A possibility to come together, as never before, across religions, cultures and political orientations – a possibility to awaken the brilliance of our collective human wisdom so that…

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The Gathering of One: Global Eden Event. June 17-21, 2008

June 17, 2008

Indigenous wisdom and quantum physics can now be integrated with information coming from the angelic realm. North, Central, and South American prophecies point to this time in human history as a unique opportunity to foster oneness. Ancient predictions about the Eagle flying with the Condor speak of a time when the Golden Age of Peace will arise from the coming together of modern science with indigenous wisdom. That time is now.   Also coming forth is very specific guidance from angelic appearances that sacred geometry combined with the power of collective intention can create massive shifts in our experience of reality . . .”changing the dream” in the words of our indigenous elders.   This is an unparalleled opportunity to come together in oneness to usher significant change for humanity and our world. This change must come through us. All are invited to participate in Yellowstone and around the world, both as individuals and groups. Each day of the event, we come together to create…

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30 Days of Peace: A Celebration of Oneness – September 11 – October 10, 2007

October 10, 2007

CommonPassion, in cooperation with Culture of Peace Initiative, Association for Global New Thought, World Peace Prayer Society, Friends of the UN and many other local and global groups have orchestrated an interfaith, global meditation and prayer event held between September 11, 2007 and October 10, 2007. The participants in this 30-day program came from many different faith-systems, religious…

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Breakthrough Celebration: Compassion to Action Program May 15 to May 29, 2007

May 15, 2007, in cooperation with many local and global groups, orchestrated an interfaith global meditation and prayer event during the period from May 15 to May 29, 2007.   This event was a series of meditation and prayers for community and global peace. Participants performed their own meditation, prayer or ceremonial practice, at their own specified time(s) and place(s), but shared a common “intention agreement” for peace. It is estimated that between 700,000 and 800,000 people, in 51 countries participated in this two-week program from many different faith-systems, religious groups, indigenous communities and meditation assemblies. All participants were volunteers, and no attempt was made to audit numbers of participants. It is assumed that some estimates of group participation were high. Also, many people participated in the global meditation that did not register. Some groups met in physical assemblies, some were organized non-locally using agreed upon time synchronizations, and some groups were a combination of local and non-local participation. Some groups performed some or all of their consciousness activity via guided, live teleconference and or videoconference. Concurrent with the prayer-meditation practices an analysis was performed of the Global Consciousness Project’s (GCP) network of random event generators and showed a correlation between the meditation-prayer…

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Harmonic Concordance Nov 8 – 9 2003

November 8, 2003

Good day from, Today, September 25th, begins the new moon and starts the next cycle for these Convergences until Nov. 8. The new moon is a time to begin projects and set intentions. The full moon amplifies our intentions and is about completion and fruition, reaping the harvest. For the next two weeks(ish) the Convergence is: I AM Acceptance. I AM Forgiveness. The energies of transformation demand that we release what no longer serves our highest intentions while accepting and surrendering to Divine Will. Concurrent with this release/acceptance/surrender (not necessarily in that order) is the act of forgiveness – of ourselves and others. Forgiveness does not require rationalization or explanation by our logical minds; it only requires that we *give* of our light in advance…to “fore give.” Forgiveness is…

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